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Military hats, Military caps, Cavalry hats
Cavalry Hats
Military hats, Military caps, Civil War hats
Civil War Hats
Military hats, Military caps, Campaign hats
Campaign Hats
Military hats, Military caps
Military Caps
Military hats, Military caps, Army Boonie hats
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Military hats, Military caps, Civil War Insignias
Civil War Insignias
Military hats, Military caps, Military Insignias
Military Insignias

Military hats, Military Caps

During the Revolutionary and Civil War eras, army uniforms were relatively simple, and men often wore a variety of hats in the field. In the United States, the kepi is most often associated with the American Civil War era, and into the Indian Wars. Union Officers were generally issued kepis for fatigue usage.

The standard U.S. Army campaign uniform at the outbreak of the Civil War included a black felt slouch hat with one brim being hold up and secured by means of a metallic eagle, fashioned after the U.S. coat of arms of the day. Some units as marines and mounted artillery retained shakos for ceremonial purposes. The fatigue uniform consisted of a forage cap with a floppy crown. Officers tended to privately purchase more elaborate versions after the french army model subsequently known as chasseur caps. Generals wore a variant, having a black velvet band. Insignia was pinned on top of the crown or officers, in front of the cap.

Confederate headgear was to be the chasseur cap or kepi, a French military cap, or regular civilian hats, slouch hats, or other hats were often worn in the field instead. Confederate Cavalry troops often wore Hardee hats, or Cavalry hats, much like the Union Cavalry, and were representative of the additional flair associated with the Cavalry troops.

The Campaign hat, also Montana Peak, is associated with the New Zealand Army, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the World War I ground forces of the United States Army, contemporary U.S. military drill instructors, state police forces, park rangers, and from them, their logo-cartoon and mascot Smokey Bear, Boy Scouts, and others.

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